Disposal Dilemma

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All of Waterstone's apartment home are equipped with a garbage disposal in the kitchen— an added convenience to your living experience! The garbage disposal  are primarily used to shred food waste into smaller pieces that won't clog the pipes, while reducing your amount of trash. We'd like to think there's "nothing a garbage disposal can't disintegrate", but what can it really handle?

Case in point, have you ever accidentally dropped a spoon down there? Not a pretty sight. A garbage disposal has a powerful motor and blade, however, there are certain things that you SHOULD NOT put down the disposal, and we don't mean obvious things like utensils or most importantly your fingers!

Many vegetables are too stringy or fibrous to go down the disposal, getting caught in the motor and leading to a clogged drain and you may be surprised which basic, everyday veggies you're not supposed to be throwing in the disposal. Additionally, certain starchy leftover foods should never go down the disposal because they can swell and clog the drain. 

Take proper care of your garbage disposal by following these simple rules

  • Always run cold water when using the disposal.
  • Remember that a disposal is not a high-tech waste basket. Nonfood items such as paper, plastic and bones, should be placed in the trash.
  • Grease, coffee grounds, pasta and rice can cause severe problems with your disposal. Please keep these items out of the sink–and the disposal

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