Germs love to hide in these places

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You might think your bathroom is the germiest place in your home. You’d be wrong, according to the MSN website. Watch out for these locations that have lots more germs than your toilet:

  • Cutting boards. To keep them free of germs, don’t just rinse them in the sink. Wash your cutting board in water and dish soap, then soak in water mixed with bleach—two teaspoons for plastic, two tablespoons for wood.
  • Dish cloths. These have everything that’s necessary for bacteria to thrive: warmth, moisture, and organic material from food. Wash them often on a hot cycle and tumble-dry them in a dryer.
  • Smartphones. You take them everywhere, including the bathroom, and you usually don’t wash your hands every time you pick yours up. Clean your phone with a cloth soaked in a solution of 60% water and 40% rubbing alcohol. Wring the cloth out well so that the moisture doesn’t damage your phone.
  • Keyboards. Computer keyboards can be covered with 20,500 more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Clean your keyboard with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol while it’s unplugged. Use compressed air to get rid of dirt around the keys.
  • Steering wheels. You probably don’t wear gloves when you drive, which means you’re coating your wheel with germs and bacteria. Clean your wheel and other parts of your car regularly.

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