Simple Tips for a Healthy Heart

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Close to 2,200 people die each day in the United States because of cardiovascular problems. !at’s one every 40 seconds. Because February is Heart Health Month, here’s some advice from the WMC Action News website on how to keep your heart healthy:

Laugh a lot.

Laughter dilates your blood vessels, increases blood "ow, and lowers your blood pressure.


Hugging releases oxytocin, a hormone that relieves stress and can reduce blood pressure.

Get the right amount of sleep.

Both oversleeping and getting less than six hours of sleep a night raises your heart attack risk. Aim for about eight hours every night.

Drink coffee.

Studies suggest that caffeine can stabilize your heart rhythm if you have an abnormal heart rate. Check with your doctor.

Move around.

Standing and moving around one hour per day can reduce cardiovascular disease risk in women by 25%, according to a University of California, San Diego, study.

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