Even fashionistas can be frugal

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Like it or not, your appearance plays a role in your success. But it’s tough to build a power wardrobe when you’re on a budget. Try these suggestions:

  • Go goth.Well, not exactly goth, but de+nitely dark. If you buy staples—pants, skirts, jackets—in darker, neutral colors, you can get away with wearing those garments more often.
  • Think value. Emphasize long-term value over short-term costs. Buying cheaper shoes and clothing may seem like a good idea, but you could end up paying more if you have to replace them sooner. Instead, choose the best quality you can afford.
  • Be thrifty. Don’t limit your shopping excursions to pricier department stores. Many consignment shops sell top-quality apparel and designer fashions in nearnew condition for a fraction of the retail price.
  • Shop seasonally. Buy clothes at the end of the season after prices have been slashed. Then save them to wear the following year.
  • Steam clean. Purchase a steamer to help offset the cost of frequent dry-cleaning.

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